Thursday, April 7, 2011

On the job front.

Well school is done,  I have passed all my "Microsoft Office" class with 2 "B's" and 10+ "A's".  My 10-key is at 200+ but typing is at 37wpm.  I have applied for 2 jobs at the same company which my case worker has suggested.  She is going to try and push some to get me in there.  I have 99% of the qualifications. I know that I would be able to pick up the few that I don't know.

This week I have been sewing for our quilting guilds swap met.  So far I have finished 32 coasters and 35 little punch card purses.  They are quick and hopefully they will sell.  

All I ask is for everyone to pray for me so that I can get hired real quickly. I am definitely going to keep up the good spirits because nothing helps when you get depressed.  

My flowers by the way are blooming! daffodils and crocus and hyacinths. I have a few pink and my favorite the little grape ones.  They are super and cheery.

I think I will go and take a walk while the sun is out and take some pictures to post.

Good fortune to all.!
Here is MaryJane in one of my fabric boxes. Why do they always pick them to sleep in?