Thursday, August 26, 2010

Treat Yourself

I decided to just treat myself.
Just because.
I stopped at a "you pick" stand and picked out these. 
There was enough for My DD to have some in her room also.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

By the way!



Well I took a tip from my Youngest DD. Just do it!
I put together my bed frame and put up my bed. ALL BY MYSELF!
I then cleaned out the top half of the hall closet. 4 boxes later and 3 twin sheets (no twin beds in this house.), the top is mainly empty. I have 3 large sheets to use as backs for some charity quilts. It feels good.
Most of the boxes had old bathroom stuff from Mom's and My old places. Again Mom popped up. I smelled some perfume from "The Fuller Brush Co." that was hers. Smelled good.

I did some sewing but not much. Here are over 200 leaves that are going on a Round Robin quilt.
I can't wait until it is done. I have put it off long enough now. Inspiration is on the move.

Monday, August 23, 2010


I have attempted my first time canning blackberries. I mainly use them for pancakes. While I was typing this, I heard my first "POP" as it sealed.
I use to can with my mom when I was younger. It is funny how I usually go back to doing things the way Mom did. We had a very good relationship. I am very blessed for it. Thanks Mom. I miss you.
5 half pints and leftovers! Love leftovers!

"POP" number 2 went off!


I currently have a Accucut studio die cut machine. I have previously shown how I use it. I went to Poppyprints blog and she posted a link to Paulette give away. Paulette had a good tutorial on how to use it.Check it out.

Skeletons in your closet?

I am hosting a swap on It is called "MORE SKELETONS IN YOUR CLOSET"
We believe it is a "HAUNTED" swap because some can access things where others can and it changes constantly.I am posting the guide lines here just in case.


You asked for it and here it is. Its time to gather all those terrific Halloween fabrics you have in your stash and join us in making blocks for a  Halloween quilt.  We will be making a simple version of the attic windows block to showcase all those great Halloween prints.

FABRIC REQUIREMENTS:  pre-washed, good quality 100% cotton.   We will be using Halloween prints as our focus fabric and a solid BLACK fabric such as Kona Black for the two (2) border strips.  Please do not use any fabric that is too thin or see through. As always, please be considerate of those swappers who are allergic to smoke, perfume, or pets.


The blocks will measure 6” finished  (6 ½” unfinished). 
The cuts for one block:
Halloween print:  One (1) 5-inch square 
Black fabric:  One (1) 2 X 5-inch strip and one (1) 2 X 6-1/2-inch strip
To assemble the block:
Join the 5-inch-long strip along the right-hand side of the square;
Then join the 6-1/2-inch-long strip along the bottom.
Please do not trim your blocks.
Please take care to center any figures in your Halloween print so that part of the motif is not cut off.  Even though it is Halloween, we don’t want any headless horsemen.
Note:  When cutting my black fabric, I added 1/8”   as extra insurance.
Barbara (BarbaraSews) used this block in her 18th Scrappy Swap.  I want to thank her for the instructions even though she hasn’t been here in a while.
Please place a label with your name and forum name on the back of each block.

Maximum number of blocks you may swap:  48
Maximum number of blocks from a single focus fabric: 8

Enclose a stamped (the equal amount of stamps used to mail them to me) self addressed envelope.  No meter mail.

Please email me you name, address and Forum name. I will email my address.

Everyone is more than welcomed to check it out and join if you would like. You need to be a member of to join.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Busy Times

Boy have things taken off. I have been working on many things, A few swaps, but a lot of cleaning and visiting.
My boy friend is a big help in motivating me. He enjoys visiting and helping me CLEAN! I think he is a keeper. He doesn't make me feel guilty about anything. All he wants is for me to be happy. Isn't that cute? The 28th is our 1 year anniversary. He has it all planned. Dinner on a riverboat. Yes definitely a keeper.

This is my latest Round Robin. I did the outer most row. I used all Batiks. It took a longer time that usual because I had to design each side separately, but worth it.
Well off to bed and on to the next project.
(Still making more pinnys)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Scrap quilts

I finally took some pictures of quilt tops I have. I am going to leave them unquilted, because they store easier that way.
The top left is a 4 patch from swapped squares. The top right is my $5.00 top. I purchased all the fabric from a quilt show. It was a scrap bag. I really made out on that one. It is all flannel.
The bottom left was just some pattern that caught my eye. The bottom right was a quilt (it is finished) that I made for a raffle at work. We used to host families at Christmas. I liked the colors so much that, I made another in colors that were not my favorite and kept this one.
They all are about twin size, which is surprising since most quilts I design are hugh.

I am slowly collecting all of my UFOs and placing them together. I think they hide off alone and multiply. Maybe sticking them together, they will patrol each other and not multiply?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This and That

My new toy arrived yesterday. I own an Accucut studio die cut machine. I purchased it before the "To Go" model was available. Now for the "new toy". It is a die that cuts 16, one and a half inch squares. I swap "Postage stamp" size squares. Each set has 50 different squares in it and we usually send 25 sets. That equals 1250 squares. This is my first time swapping. I could have used my rotary cutters but, I have so many scraps that it would be easier to use a die and cut 5-8 sets of 16 at one time. Here is the process:
Step 1
Step 2
Step 4
Step 5
25 sets finished
This didn't take more that 2 hours. What took the longest was deciding what fabric to cut. I have extras left over for me, so I will be getting 1250 from others. I am so excited. I need to do the same for a neutral group. 1250 more to go!

I have been working on cleaning my bedroom since my oldest is gone. I have done quite a bit. I will post before and after pictures. Yes I have taken the "Dirty" pictures before hand.
Ok here is one. (not the worse one.)
Upstairs #3
The wall in the back is mainly scrapbooking and papercrafts.
It has helped me to work on getting it cleaned by blogging it. It keeps me on track. I like showing my progress.
I need to go and sew. Have a good night.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Empty House

This is just a shorty.
My olderst daughter moved out yesterday.
It was harder than I thought. In march my mom passed . I had a good friend move in for 2 months then she moved out July 5. Now my Oldest is out. 
If my youngest tries anything she has another thing coming to her .
(She already said no way. She has to finish school first. Whew!)

My house is 1700 square feet. Needed it with 4 people. Seems big now. I am moving in to the youngest bedroom (downstairs), because she is taking the oldest's bedroom (bigger room and mainly bigger closet). My room is big and I can use it for crafting.

How do people do this?

Did do some sewing Saturday. Pictures later.

Friday, August 6, 2010

New Singer

Well today I went with 2 of my friends, June and Elaine, shopping at Fabric Depot. I normally stay away due to temptation. We decided to sew a Batik quilt together. They are making a quilt that Elaine has made before. I of course am going to design a paper pieced pattern for my self. I am always difficult different

I bought enough Batiks for my stash and some Civil War fabrics.
I went home afterwards. I decided to stop at a small antique shop in Newberg that is next door to the Library. I ended up finding the cutest little sewing machine. It is called a "Singer Handy Electric."

I paid $17.21 for it. I need to get needles and a thread holder on top. I took it apart and made sure it was clean. I plugged it in and it does run. I have since printed a manual for it. Now for the 2 parts and I am off. 
My friends laugh because it is either #12 , 13 or 14 machines I have. My daughter Shay, just shakes her head. I have resisted garage sales because I know there are lonely machines out there calling me.

On another note. I took some UFOs to my group last night and we counted 14. This is just a small amount, I know there has to be at least 10+ more here. I am going to start listing them here and crossing them off as I get them done.

First on my list are the 2 round robins.

Now back to sewing.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I did get the 3rd side done today and I am going to my small quilt group tonight. Maybe I can start on one of my mini quilts that need to be done.

I did add one side to the UFO. They are cut 1" x 3 1/2" and finish to 1/2 " x 3".
I am using them as leaders and enders while working on my round robin.

(see the houses are still there on the right)

These scrap my friends give to me because they are too small to be used. One inch is a good size for me.

I took some fuzzy pictures of my "Crumb" Pincushion and 2 other pincushions I have.

I make 3 1/2 inch blocks and make them into pincushions.
I received the "little chick chick" in a swap and I had to buy "Hootie"
from Jo Avery. Hootie is so cute. You can check out Jo's blog here . She has more there.
I should look into figuring out my camera. Non-fuzzy pictures would be better.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Just a quick note.
I did work on one side of my round robin. Most of it is made.
I did one side of my "New UFO" (pictures tomorrow) and I made 2 small crumb pincushions.
Had take out for lunch and dinner.


Does anyone have the same problem that I do?  I get bored WAY to quickly.
I should be working on my swaps, but instead I leaf through a magazine and "find" a "have to" make project.
That is what happened Tuesday. I sat down to work on one swap and saw this quilt and had to draft the block out. Of course I needed to make a sample of the block. One turned onto 4, then borders and now an outside border. (now a UFO because I have to cut a bizillion 1" x 3 1/2" squares for the outside border).
Yes they are next to one of my last impulse blocks (30 house blocks).


I think that is my down fall. I am a block maker.

Now that I have got that off my chest, I am going down stairs and finish one swap tonight so I can mail it out tomorrow.

It is all the penguins and squirrels fault.
One steals my sanity and the other drives me nuts.