Monday, August 9, 2010

Empty House

This is just a shorty.
My olderst daughter moved out yesterday.
It was harder than I thought. In march my mom passed . I had a good friend move in for 2 months then she moved out July 5. Now my Oldest is out. 
If my youngest tries anything she has another thing coming to her .
(She already said no way. She has to finish school first. Whew!)

My house is 1700 square feet. Needed it with 4 people. Seems big now. I am moving in to the youngest bedroom (downstairs), because she is taking the oldest's bedroom (bigger room and mainly bigger closet). My room is big and I can use it for crafting.

How do people do this?

Did do some sewing Saturday. Pictures later.

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  1. When my baby moved out, it left a big hole. I moved all my sewing things into her room. She was miffed that I did it so quickly till I told her it was just too empty & I had to fill it up with something else I loved.