Monday, August 23, 2010


I have attempted my first time canning blackberries. I mainly use them for pancakes. While I was typing this, I heard my first "POP" as it sealed.
I use to can with my mom when I was younger. It is funny how I usually go back to doing things the way Mom did. We had a very good relationship. I am very blessed for it. Thanks Mom. I miss you.
5 half pints and leftovers! Love leftovers!

"POP" number 2 went off!


  1. Wow! Your post got me in the heart and brought tears, but bittersweet ones. I lost my mom 8 mths ago and... I'm sure you can imagine! I did some canning last month with my daughter, sister, and niece - strawberry/rhubarb jam! It was great fun and we loved hearing the pops, too! Thanks for sharing that post!

  2. Yep! I know exactly what you are saying here! I'd love to have breakfast with you!