Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Scrap quilts

I finally took some pictures of quilt tops I have. I am going to leave them unquilted, because they store easier that way.
The top left is a 4 patch from swapped squares. The top right is my $5.00 top. I purchased all the fabric from a quilt show. It was a scrap bag. I really made out on that one. It is all flannel.
The bottom left was just some pattern that caught my eye. The bottom right was a quilt (it is finished) that I made for a raffle at work. We used to host families at Christmas. I liked the colors so much that, I made another in colors that were not my favorite and kept this one.
They all are about twin size, which is surprising since most quilts I design are hugh.

I am slowly collecting all of my UFOs and placing them together. I think they hide off alone and multiply. Maybe sticking them together, they will patrol each other and not multiply?