Friday, August 6, 2010

New Singer

Well today I went with 2 of my friends, June and Elaine, shopping at Fabric Depot. I normally stay away due to temptation. We decided to sew a Batik quilt together. They are making a quilt that Elaine has made before. I of course am going to design a paper pieced pattern for my self. I am always difficult different

I bought enough Batiks for my stash and some Civil War fabrics.
I went home afterwards. I decided to stop at a small antique shop in Newberg that is next door to the Library. I ended up finding the cutest little sewing machine. It is called a "Singer Handy Electric."

I paid $17.21 for it. I need to get needles and a thread holder on top. I took it apart and made sure it was clean. I plugged it in and it does run. I have since printed a manual for it. Now for the 2 parts and I am off. 
My friends laugh because it is either #12 , 13 or 14 machines I have. My daughter Shay, just shakes her head. I have resisted garage sales because I know there are lonely machines out there calling me.

On another note. I took some UFOs to my group last night and we counted 14. This is just a small amount, I know there has to be at least 10+ more here. I am going to start listing them here and crossing them off as I get them done.

First on my list are the 2 round robins.

Now back to sewing.

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  1. I love this machine esp the red case...Can't wait to see your first project made on it.