Monday, May 9, 2011

Round Robin 2 finished

I finally finished Carla's round Robin.  Again 4 months late. I did the outer ribbon border.  She was very happy with it.
June went and let me go through her stash for the pink and green ribbon fabric, because I didn't have the right shade.

Here is a picture of two of my dear friends.  They have helped my through out all my good and hard times.  I don't think of it as bad times, because I learn from every lesson in life good and hard.
June is on the left and Elaine is on the right.

Now if only I can get a picture of Suzanna my other friend who is an angel.  I am thinking maybe bubbles?

Maybe it is time to work on that UFO list on the left.  I have worked on other things instead.  They are also UFO's.

Accuquilt Baby Go! Give-Away!!

I haven't posted in a long time.  Job hunting and getting life on track.  So when I came upon this I knew I would post about it.

Here is another chance to win something. Check out Leona's Blog..  She is giving away a Go Baby for her 500th follower celebration.  I like the way her blob looks and I intend to check it out more.

Wish me luck on the job front.  One interview and I was told to expect a call for the second.  Pray for me.

Thank you all who check this out even when I haven't posted lately (Kat my oldest daughter, this means you).

She commented that I need to post more often.  Now that I have reduced my swapping to almost nothing, maybe I will have time.