Sunday, October 6, 2013

When it rains, it pours

Just when I was going to go home and just relax sewing, not on the agenda. My youngest daughter (and her family) who lives with me, calls me at 11:00 pm while I was at work telling me that it was raining inside the house. Turns out that the hot water pipe going to my upstairs sink had popped off and was flooding my bathroom. Not only that but went thought the floor into the family room below. I currently am using that room as a storage room. Not good news for me. I have been going to clean it out for a sewing room eventually, but this is Gods way of kicking me in the butt.

I do have homeowners insurance, so I am going to call them Monday to get things started. I will move things out of the way so they can evaluate the damage. I do know that the ceiling is going to be worked on. How extensive the damage is, I will wait and see. No use crying over spilled water? Oh yeah, and possibly some bathroom repairs too.

Random picture for happy thoughts.

MaryJane taking over my ironing table.

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