Monday, December 2, 2013

Thrifty shopping

Thanksgiving turned out ok. We had a power outage from 8 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon. It wasn't so bad because we had ham that was already precooked and the other stuff only took an hour to make. (yams, corn, gravy, stovetop stuffing and brown and serve rolls). It wasn't so good for a neighbor of mine. She woke up at 7 and put her turkey in the oven, 1 hour later all the power was out. She was not to happy. She ended up having to wait for the transformer by our house to get repaired.

I ended up staying awake because I wanted to go shopping at 5am. I bought the two things I wanted at Bi-Mart then decided to go to Fred Meyers for free coffee and donuts. Of course I had to buy their 50 percent off socks for everybody in the house except for my poor daughter Shay, who has no socks. Isn't that the way it usually happens.

To keep up with the shopping fever, I went to a Goodwil outlet store. This is where all the things that don't sell at the regular stores will go to for final sale by the pound. I ended up getting forty mens 100% cotton shirts and a tall dresser for $27.00 total. I also bought this. A 35 x 52 wool crazy quilt. It is so cool. It was yelling at me, "over here, over here!". This is the 3rd quilt I have bought there. The dresser was $5 and the rest turned out to be about 50 cents each.
I am in the process of cutting up the shirts for quilts. My daughters boyfriend ended up getting 3 of them because he needed them for work and little David got one and a set of PJs that I found too. Olivia also received a little pink outfit. Again Poor Shay didn't get anything.
I am going to have to take her out for a shopping spree for her. She loves going there. First we will go though the closet to remove some before we bring more in.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday.

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