Saturday, June 14, 2014

New Machines

Well good news!  I went shopping and ended up getting not 1 but 3 sewing machines. The pretty one is a Singers. I probably shouldn't have bought that one. I paided more than I should of too. I will need to learn to dicker better. The second is a very old Kenmore. It is cast iron and brown. It doesn't have a bobin case. I will have to get that. The third is the best. It is a 1919 singer treadle machine. It works great. The previous owner was a quilter too. She showed me how to work everthing and I used my phone to film it. It was awesome.

I asked her if she named it and she looked at me like I was a bit strange. So on the way home I was thinking of what it should be and Sweetpea popped into my head. So that is her name. The girls are: Sweetpea, Brownie and Pretty Girl. Now to find 3 things to fling. That was my daughter's first question, "What are you getting rid of? "

I will post pictures soon.

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