Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

Yes I did participate in the Friday night sew in. Yesterday I worked on one of my Mini quilt swaps. This one is for "Mini QT Swap". It is a Flickr swap group

The theme is Beach]Underwater. I made a Storm at Sea quilt because it reminds me of how I think of the beach.  I love watching storms on the Oregon coast.

The total size of the quilt is 8 inches. There are 145 pieces including the border. I paper pieced the mini.  I will be giving it away to my partner. I hope she likes it. Sorry the pictures are fuzzy. It was taken late at night.

Yes those are a Dime and a Quarter.


  1. Lovely little quilt - I particularly like the way the diamonds seem to be 'wavy'. Great little FNSI project!

  2. Oh, my tiny little pieces...I always think this takes a particular bravery to stitch so tiny. 2 inch seems to be about my limit. This is so pretty. I too love the storms at sea though my experience has been mostly gulf coast.

  3. what a beauty ... love the movement and I especially like the border quilting ...

  4. Love the colors and the pattern. I can't imagine making anything with those small pieces. I have decided that when I have a grand daughter I am going to force her into playing with dolls so i can make bunches of small quilts.