Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friday night sew in part 2

I finally finished my 40th birthday quilt. The top was done and quilted 2 months after my birthday. That was 12 years ago. ( Yes I am 52 )

I finally put the binding on last night. I have even washed the quilt twice without the binding on.

I really hate to do the binding. I am so glad it is done. It is 52 x 65. Small for me.

For my birthday we did a cutting bee. 4 of us brought 10 half yard pieces of fabric in light, medium and dark (30 total).  We cut it into (3) 2 1\2and (2) 4 1\2 strips. We then traded strips and made quilts out of our strips. I choose basket blocks. I put flannel on the back (Penguins of course). A small cuddle quilt for me.


  1. Better late than never. Love your baskets.

  2. Great work, sometimes it takes time to finish quilts.