Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friday night sew in

Boy did I have a much needed sewing marathon. I finished my "Lattice" quilt. I decided that it needed borders. If I would have used the center fabric on the outside corners, I would not had to adds corner blocks because I had more of that fabric than the corner fabric. I always make more work for myself. I think it turned out ok anyway.

It took me longer than I wanted, because I got sidetracked. I picked up a bunch of samples from my guild meeting. Of course since they were new I had to play with them. I cut the samples into two and a half inch wide strips. I then found not 1 but 2 patterns that I liked. So now I have 2 more UFOs cut out.

I think it makes me very happy to cut fabric almost a more than it does to make the quilt. I am also, at the same time, trimming my pile of 1 1/2 inch strips, that were gifted to me, into logs for a log cabin quilt. I'm not sure how big the blocks are going to be, but I am thinking it would go faster with bigger blocks than smaller ones. I do really enjoy the smaller ones though.

Time to get up and out of bed and start on todays sewing marathon.

Afterthought,. My friend is going to take me to see how my house is going. I haven't been there for over a week. Not having a car sucks!

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  1. Oh My Goodness…I did this VERY same quilt….years back. I think my floral fabrics are a little different but it's the same. It was o-n-e last kit in the shop, I think queen size and so mine doesn't have a border.
    This is just too cool for words!!